Our development process focuses on capturing the requirements of our customers and understanding how their users will interact with the resulting systems. From modeling and development through deployment, we tackle the entire software development life cycle - design, development, delivery, installation, configuration, project management and plan maintenance for ongoing support of various solution types:

  • Software development life cycle support
  • Web-based programming solutions
  • Client server development
  • Data migration and conversion

    Developing enterprise applications using state-of-the-art technologies is not a task for the faint hearted. Using technologies such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) or Microsoft .Net framework, can prove complex, difficult and tedious for those organizations that do not have the appropriate technical know-how and resources. The result can be overspent budgets and slow delivery times for new and critical applications. Why risk it? Our professional associates are at your service to deliver reliable, high performance, and J2EE-compliant business applications.

    Model-based design and development is critical in building and managing large applications. Our design approach provides for developing component-based applications incorporating industry-standard modeling techniques and notation used in the Unified Modeling Language. Model-based development delivers several significant advantages that:

  • Provide an overview of the application      structure
  • Facilitate the reuse of objects and rules
  • Ensure consistency during development
  • Function independently of implementation, so      when changes occur (for example, to the      technical infrastructure), the model remains      valid

    Our design and development solutions allow for a more efficient method of information sharing within and between various government agencies. Because we remain technology neutral and partner with a pool of technology leaders, we are able to stay competitive, supply innovative ideas for customer solutions, and deliver lasting and scalable systems.

    With expertise in Java and the powerful multilingual .Net development tool sets, and a broad experience in custom application development, we are well prepared to help our clients determine which solutions fit best. This demands flexibility in the creative and unique elements we apply to the solution, in our pricing, in the methods we use to meet application and implementation needs, and in the actual technologies implemented to achieve a finished solution.

    We accomplish solutions by employing model-based design and development, an iterative and incremental process for faster feedback, quicker releases, and improved development quality. Molen's application design approach and components, and our rapid implementation process keep our customers on schedule and ahead of the competition. We're building applications the way they're supposed to be built -- right the first time.

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